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Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Season Of Clarity

As a person who needs glasses to see far (near sighted) I know exactly what it feels like to have your vision completely blurry and unfocused. My problem has an easy solution, glasses. With them I can see almost as if I had 20/20 vision. About 75% of the population in North America wear glasses or contacts meaning 75% of people have a blurry vision. I'm also sure that 100% of the earth's population has had some sort of unfocused and blurry time in their life and I am no longer talking about eye vision but about your life's vision. In my circle of friend, well actually it's more like a triangle, we had a season of oceans, where we were just drowning in the grace of God. We still are but now I know that we moved on into a season of clarity. For the past few weeks that's all that's been in our hearts. I have three situations in my life where my life's mission was completely and utterly blurry, I was literally a blind bat in my own life. I'm going to share these three moments of chaos with you because maybe you are experiencing a moment of chaos in your life right now but want to move into a season of clarity and just can't see that happening.

  1. Moving countries: 15 years old and packing my bags to move from sunny Miami, Florida to what I thought was igloo land. Oh Lord was it hard! My whole world was falling apart, how was I ever going to survive?
  2. Ending a relationship: Jesus hold my heart because I was never going to love again *sob*
  3. Changing careers: Crazy I know, I live on the edge.

BUT GOD.. (I really do like those two words together)

  1. But God, moved me to love a city like Toronto, with so much cultures and diversity that I would have never been exposed to in my suburb town in the South. 
  2. But God, allowed me to see the destruction of the relationship I was in and if I would have never ended it I would have never meet Jesus the way I know him now, and I would have never meet my earthly love Dylan, the man God had for me.
  3. But God, gave me the courage and clarity to see how much I would have hated my career, I already hated my job, so I changed my unhappiness and now I love my career, Medical Laboratory Technician, and I graduate this summer.

 You see I thought my first situations were so permanent, and that's what happens when you can't see beyond your cloudy vision. I'm not saying that you need to have your life figured out because none of us do. But what am saying is that you know exactly what area in your life you need to see with the glasses that God can provide for you. You just have to ask. When I don't have my glasses I squint my eyes to see a little clearer, it works..sometimes, but when I grab my glasses I can see everything without forcing my eyes to focus. That's what we do when we try to do the same with our blurry life's. You try in your strengths and you squint and squint and we just feel tired and our eyes start to hurt. But Jesus is standing right next to you with a pair of glasses, so that you don't have to try so hard to see, He wants to be your eyes, He wants to be your clarity! Seek him! Ask him! Pray for clarity! Your answer might walk straight through the doors, or it may be in a conversation you never wanted to have or your clarity may be in a walk. Jesus is the mastermind behind all this but He can't do His job if you don't ask and qualify Him for it. The most amazing verse is often over looked, are you ready for it? It's 1 Corinthians 13:12:
"Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely."
I mean hello! Hi! How amazing was that?! God doesn't promise us an easy and clear life but He does promise us that if we seek Him we will see exactly how He sees! Doesn't that excite you for life? Yes you may be in the mist of darkness but God is the light, you are the light. Clarity is easy, what is hard is our human emotions. Clarity is God. God is not hard to find but we get in our own way of our own clarity. God has the ability to change your emotions to align to His emotions. You deserve clarity and He wants to give you that gift, allow Him to fill your atoms, molecules, cells, your whole being and He will open your eyes to the bigger picture. Get ready to see your life with new spectacles!

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